SELCO Foundation envisions a socially sustainable society: we seek to create avenues for asset building, enhancement in quality of life and wealth creation that will uplift deprived sections of society through sustainable development solutions.

SELCO Foundation was officially registered on 5th October, 2010 as a public charitable trust, with the mission to:

1. Systematically identify diverse needs of underserved communities, understand and define the role of sustainability and energy in these communities.

2. Create and support innovative and sustainable solutions that positively impact well-being, education and livelihoods and work towards the alleviation of poverty.

3. Foster ecosystem development in the social sector through holistic thought processes in technology, finance, entrepreneurship and policy.

SELCO Foundation uses soft funding and flexible capital to develop robust and field-proven technological and financial models in the field of energy and sustainability. It aims to generate public awareness about these models, while also building the ecosystem for the creation and delivery of such solutions. The foundation supports replication and utilization of these models in other deprived regions of India and the world, thereby achieving greater leverage on resources.