Sustainable energy practitioners have long noticed energy access affects rural and urban populations’ livelihood, generation capacity, education attendance, health outcomes and overall quality of life. In response, in 2008 SELCO India created a rural innovation center called the SELCO Labs with the goal of improving energy access for the rural poor to support their livelihood and overall quality of life. In 2010, SELCO Foundation, an independent not-for-profit was created and SELCO Labs –renamed as Rural Labs– was brought under it.

Since 2010, SELCO Foundation has expanded to create a holistic ecosystem to provide reliable energy services, for the benefit of impoverished segments in society. The Foundation works to link the benefits of sustainable energy to poverty eradication by collaborating with NGOs, local financial institutions, education institutions and social enterprises.

SELCO Foundation is committed to disseminating and sharing its innovations, designs and learning for the advancement of under-served communities everywhere, and the improvement of the sustainable energy sector as a whole.

Below is a representation of the partner organizations in SELCO, each entity complements the other by addressing needs in different parts of the ecosystem critical for sustainable diffusion of energy services to the poor.

SELCO Partner Organisations

selco_logo Selco Foundation SELCO Incubation