Construction Manager


Position : Construction Manager
Reports to : Program Manager - Built Environment
Last date for applying : : Rolling Basis
Starting date : Immediately

About SELCO Foundation:

SELCO Foundation is an open source, not for profit organization that engages in field-based R&D and ecosystem building for deployment of clean energy solutions that alleviate poverty in tribal, rural and urban poor areas. SELCO has pioneered the delivery of decentralized energy to the poor in India by not only providing access to affordable and clean energy but also ensuring the consumption of energy is efficient and appropriate. The Built Environment team works across sectors of Housing, Health and Livelihood. The focus of interventions being exploring energy efficiency, wellbeing and productivity through built design and innovation. The team comprises practitioners in architecture, civil and structural engineering and construction management.

Job Description

We are seeking a self-motivated individual who is passionate about working on exploring the role of the construction in inclusive development of our communities. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in building technologies and construction. She/he must be able to lead projects and work in teams, while being able to collaborate with partners and key stakeholders (communities, governments, vendors, contractors and enterprises). The candidate must employ resourcefulness in Estimation, Procurements and Execution of total project work with the ability to monitor, quality and safety check and troubleshoot.

  • 1. Planning project implementation numbers, types and timelines
  • 2. Overseeing the construction operations, finance and procurement process of the programme
  • 3. Track team budgets
  • 3. Track team budgets

Key requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Equivalent in the construction industry
  • Minimum 5 years professional experience in construction management or procurements
  • Strong communication, leadership and managerial skills
  • Willingness to travel extensively in and around different parts of the country

Process: Applications will be processed on a rolling basis.


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