Changes introduced in Phase 2 of National Solar Mission – Off-grid Systems

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) was launched on the 11<sup>th</sup> January, 2010 by the Prime Minister. The principal target of the Mission under the brand name “Solar India” was deployment of 20 GW of Grid-connected and 2 GW of Off-grid capacity by 2022 aimed at reducing the cost of solar power generation in the country using the following measures:

Long-term policies

Large scale deployment goals
Domestic production of critical raw materials, components and products, as a result to achieve grid tariff parity by 2022.

Phase I was seen to be a learning phase for the JNNSM both in the grid connected as well as the off-grid space, wherein various important steps taken to address the issues in the off-grid space, including routing of subsidies through alternate channel partners such as banks. Around 70,000 home lighting systems were financed by over 10 rural banking institutions. This experience needs to be evaluated and replicated in the 2nd phase of the JNNSM.

We continue to work with the National solar Mission in trying to effect a substantial change in the way off grid systems are being looked at in this space. The policy team will continue to work with the government to shape key off grid policy documents and improve existing versions based on ground level experience.
References and Circulars

Also articulated in the Financing Review report:

Concerned Circular: mentioned on Page 1 – Clause (b); with detailed size and model specifications elaborated on Page 4 – Annexure 1.

Expressed in the following report: on Page 5, Clause 3 wherein a SWOT Analysis identifies the inclusion of Cooperatives banks as a potential measure for ensuring easy credit access

Concerned NABARD Circular:

Concerned MNRE Circular:

Recommendations made through meetings with MNRE and NABARD as part of State Level Monitoring Committee for NSM off grid policy; Also articulated in report on “Financing Review of NSM: Has It Made Off-grid Solar Affordable?

Concerned Circular:

Recommendation submitted through Renewable Energy Working Group (REWG)- as part of Comments on Draft Phase 2 guidelines for Off-grid decentralized energy component of the NSM

Concerned MNRE Circular:

SELCO’s detailed recommendations can be found in the following Report: “<em>Ecosystem Creation For Off-Grid Solar: Achieving Diffusion Across India” ;

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