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Improving learning environments by focussing on better infrastructure and learning aids that can be made accessible through energy access. Also, engaging with students to create future thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who keep social and environmental sustainability at the core of their thinking.

In the context of low income communities (specifically remote rural/tribal communities), multiple issues plague the education system. Some of the most pressing interconnected issues include- lack of strong and consistent school management committee and systems; basic infrastructure (water, energy, sanitation etc); teachers regularly taking classes and lack of context-based teaching and learning modules. Due to these and other issues the student interest, attendance rates and learning levels remain compromised. More specifically, unreliable access to the grid in remote areas, cause loss of valuable study time during school hours and at home during the night.

Additionally, students often view issues surrounding sustainability, food-water-energy and development as global problems with no local significance. There is a need for students and the youth to be oriented to these basic sustainability concerns that are plaguing the world. The projects under this category also look at building content and programs that encourage students to go out into their communities, seek, analyse and engage with the issues identified to build their own solutions.



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