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Sustainable Energy Challenge


Inspired by the United Nations' declaration of 2012 as the year of 'Sustainable Energy for All', this challenge is being organized to seek out ideas with the potential to improve the state of the environment while transforming lives. This unique design challenge which will bring together students from different fields across colleges in Bengaluru to work on a socially relevant project that falls under the umbrella of renewable energy and sustainability. The product/service/system could be a solution to address issues such as water, health, livelihoods, transport and education.The winning team(s) will have the opportunity to take their project forward and implement it on the ground through the SELCO Labs.

For more information, registration and updates, visit http://sustainableenergychallenge.org/.

Energy Centre


The first energy centre at Dharmastala (temple town) Karnataka is a unique solar powered unit providing people with LED lanterns, study light, batteries and hawker lights on rent along with mobile charging facility and mobile drinking water for visitors and tourists. Due to its location it also serves as a demonstration centre for home lighting, cookstoves, solar powered television and a mini-fridge. Labs is currently engaged in an innovative scale up for this model to benefit communities that lack access to the grid and have no means of accessing reliable power.

Small scale agricultural machinery

There is currently a great need for small-scale farmers to adopt new machinery in order to overcome the rural labour shortage. However, there are few products being designed specifically for these farmers and there is no easy way for the farmers to gain access to them. Through regular interaction with small-scale farmers, the Labs determines their needs and understands the real problems involved in providing technologies for them. Based on research, a model is also being developed to market these technologies, making them accessible to farmers.