Stories from Kalahandi

The socio-economic exclusion of tribal’s from mainstream development, calls for a social intervention lab that actually pauses, looks and learns from communities. Born in 2013, Tribal Community Lab seeks to create an inclusive platform where various stakeholders will work towards the upliftment of the tribal communities. Find below few snapshots from ongoing work at TCL

Urja Gram kendra – Energy need Aspect

Remote areas of kalahandi face erratic power supply, the one or two hours per week that they get electricity is a precious time for them. SELCO has set up various URJA Gram Kendras (Integrated Energy Centers) in remote areas to providing solar lights at subsidised rates.

Solar Doctor – Training Aspect

Once the people have solar lights, where do they get these lights repaired? To address this problem and to create livelihood opportunities for more people, SELCO started training Solar doctors who repair solar devices. Solar doctors are assisted by solar saathis who supply spare parts.

Swasthya Swaraj – Health Aspect

The tribals of kalahandi face a lot of issues in the health space because of numerous reasons. One of the major one being the accessibility of health facilities. The team of swasthya swaraj work tirelessly to provide the basic health care needed in the remotest of areas.

Pottery – Livelihood Aspect

Kalahandi is a home to a lot of artisans and creative tribes. One such community is the potter community who make pot and clay products for a living. Pottery cannot be practiced by this community in the rainy season so they earn their living through agriculture.

Barter – Financial Aspect

Kalahandi being a place where most of the population are below the poverty line, the communities still practice some of the traditional practices like barter system to make ends meet.

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