Bringing impact through sustainable energy innovations and enterprises

Development and environment go hand in hand, achieving one without considering the other cannot bridge current gaps in social, financial and environmental sustainability. SELCO Foundation envisions a world where sustainable energy is a part of the approach to development and not an after thought. To achieve this, multiple innovative models and processes for decentralized energy solutions need to be developed and replicated. The foundation envisions a world where the 3 billion people (who do not have access to energy) are looked at as: partners and not beneficiaries, asset owners and not consumers; entrepreneurs, decision makers, innovators and not just skilled labour. Enterprise-driven holistic sustainable energy solutions for households, health, livelihoods and education is one way to demonstrate our vision.

Redefining scale through replication by contextualizing innovative, sustainable – social, technical and financial models that address climate change


The mantra for scale

Decentralized energy solutions that need to be adopted across geographies, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures need a context driven approach in order to scale effectively. Every model (or solution) has three aspects to it- social, financial and technical. Moreover, the process used to develop and scale a particular solution has multiple steps right from identification to evaluation. While scaling up across geographic terrains- models and processes are not replicated in their entirety, but are adapted to local contexts using local expertise. The aspect of the solution that needs to be customized will depend on the local need and the existing ecosystem in place. SELCO Foundation believes that the varied geographic regions and socio-economic stratas within India has immense potential for social, financial and technology innovations that can enable India to become the social innovation capital of the world.



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