Architect, Built Environment


Job Description

The Built Environment team as part of the Technology Innovation Vertical works directly with vulnerable, low income communities, to create models for delivery of sustainable and energy efficient environments, which directly impacts the overall well-being of the user of the space. Incorporating passive technologies (that bring in natural lighting and ventilation), appropriate materials that provide natural cooling/heating inside the structure, can result in buildings that are inherently efficient in its use of energy. While this is a known fact across the build and design community, specific challenges emerge when trying to incorporate these techniques for low income communities. These constraints might be due to dense living environments or spatial constraints, lack of appropriate financing, access to skill and construction/material knowledge etc. Thus, there is a need to develop and innovate upon specific technologies and design or planning solutions that help build these missing processes in the delivery of sustainable ‘affordable’ habitat for the bottom of the pyramid.


We are seeking a motivated individual who is passionate about working on exploring the role of the built environment in inclusive development. The ideal candidate should have strong design and technical skills. She/he must be able to work in teams, while being able to collaborate with key stakeholders (communities and other organizations). The projects require an approach which challenges the set paradigms to come up with an end to end solution- employing resourcefulness in project design, development of project details, on-site implementation with the ability to monitor and troubleshoot as required.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture
    • Minimum 3 years professional experience in executing projects end to end
      • Interest and ability to engage with communities on ground
        • Strong design and technical skills
          • Strong design and technical skills
            • Skills- Autocad Software, Google Sketchup or any equivalent 3D Software, Photoshop and/or InDesign


Send us your details with a brief message describing what your lookingto do. One of us will get in touch with you.