Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

Bangalore, Karnataka

Job Description

This assignment is part of a broader effort of SELCO to capture innovative, replicable processes across the world and within SELCO. Deployment of long-term energy solutions can be catalyzed through availability/ accessibility of processes that help build holistic solutions. This is akin to pieces of a lego puzzle that are publicly available which enable people to choose which piece helps build their solution into a more sustainable one. These lego pieces can be technical, financial or a business process in any field including health, education and also e-commerce, mobile etc. In other words, how are we drawing from innovative processes created in any field and adapting or replicating it to the field of energy access and decentralized solutions for the energy poor. This will bring in freshness in thinking and stimulate ideas in otherwise run of the mill brainstorming sessions. For example, how can we glean lessons learned from mid- day schemes (nutrition) to SELCO Light for Education program or MPESA of Kenya (mobile money) to remote areas of India in the absence of banks and so on. Besides access to knowledge it also requires a supportive environment with a buy in and participation from different stakeholders so efforts will also be undertaken to bring together these stakeholders and assist in the roll out of solutions on the ground across different contexts. SELCO’s core philosophy is rooted in an open source mindset where it has always viewed the acceleration of sustainable energy access solutions through innovation and reproduction of tested/tried processes or models to be adapted to local contexts. It does this by: • Improved use of resources to avoid reinventing the wheel • Increased cost savings resulting from increased productivity and efficiency • Lower learning curve by avoiding or replacing poor practices with proven strategies • Increased performance of management and staff • Pushing second movers to adopt/adapt/duplicate within their local contexts rather than trying to supersize proven models without consideration of local ecosystems.


The individual should be able to develop a framework/template to capture data effectively, and form links between data and key learnings accordingly. The data collection frameworks will be developed for three levels of project monitoring and assessment- individual/household/institutional level, clustered approach where interconnectedness of different verticals and programs is evaluated, institutionalisation level where take up and integration of approach is measured with reference to certain targeted organisations. He/She should be able to suggest and build tools, dashboards, apps, MIS systems that SELCO can adopt to streamline data collection and analysis to ensure easy access and data quality. The suggested tools will be in line with the kind of requirements and capacity of SELCO staff. Also the individual should conduct training and capacity building of SELCO staff members to ensure data metrics and maintain quality of data.


  • Partners are required to be based in Bangalore for ease in communication, conducting training and capacity building of staff and any further liaisons.
    • To have past experience in the field of impact assessment of energy access and the nexus of energy access-development projects.
      • To have experience in building systems for grassroot organizations which work across varied geographies and contexts.


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