Program Manager-Knowledge


Job Description

  • This position would require the candidate to have strong analytical thinking and interpersonal communication skills. The candidate should also have demonstrated ability to communicate with a diverse set of external audiences, and experience in creating pitch decks, designing workshops, and collaborative discussions.
  • Considering technology and the web would be one of the key medium of communication, a base understanding of web portal development would be preferred. Here, utilising systems and design thinking would be critical to address the foundation’s information architecture needs. Furthermore to fulfill the role of the communicator, the candidate should be able to liaise with external vendors to produce and provide qualitative insights for various pieces of communication.
  • In this role, the candidate would play a key role in ensuring that the values, philosophy and key approaches of the organization are demonstrated in a consistent manner across the communication products created.


  • Engage with internal and external audiences in knowledge sharing capacities as a cross learner
  • Create frameworks and tools that allow for better understanding and capturing of social problems, and develop and run a platform that allows for innovators to collaborate with stakeholders facing those issues
  • Develop and anchor partnerships with a variety of stakeholders (institutes, innovation labs, innovators, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations etc) and build engagement tools which allow for better collaboration and communication to solve problems
  • Maintain and coordinate to produce communication content based on documentation created and information generated during implementation of programs at SELCO
  • Document and capture stories of collaborative successes in a creative manner
  • Create and maintain in liaison with external vendors and internal teams, an online portal focused on.


  • The candidate should be a good communicator, willing to speak to a diverse group of people.
  • The candidate should have experience with managing and producing communications content with a higher degree of informational content. The candidate should have good aesthetic sensibilities with an understanding of various forms of communication including print, web based, videos, photography, etc.
  • The candidate should have an understanding of systems thinking, design thinking and should be willing to learn new and complex concepts, if necessary.
  • The candidate should have an interest in social development and grassroot problem solving based innovation.
  • Candidate should have an understanding of web development or should be willing to learn via enquiry if necessary.


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