Program Manager: Research and Documentation-Livelihoods


Job Description

The SELCO Foundation engages in field-based R&D and ecosystem building for deployment of decentralized renewable energy solutions that alleviate poverty in urban, rural and tribal poor areas. The organization works across verticals such as energy access, built environment, health, water purification, livelihoods, education with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs and partners from various developmental sectors. Through a network of research and innovation labs and focus areas, SELCO Foundation is attempting to become a hub where solutions are developed based on field conditions and also where all parts of the ecosystem can be addressed while designing and implementing a solution. These are then replicated in similar contexts, within India and other parts of the developing world, through social enterprises and partners in the development sector or institutions.


  • • To conduct a primary/secondary research/evaluation study on some of the value chain initiatives carried out by SELCO Foundation (Agri culture, Horticulture, Textiles, Paddy Value chain, Cold storage etc)
    • To create a framework of evaluation for livelihood programmatic pilot and replication & scale projects which would be in line with the implementation based approach
      • To document emerging learnings and processes to aid policy recommendations of the above mentioned livelihood projects
        • • To conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of various implemented livelihood projects
          • Work closely with partner organizations and enterprise partners and other teams (within the organization) and conduct research and livelihood advocacy at the grass root level.
            • Coordinate with various stakeholders to document on implemented projects / business strategies.
              • Work closely with partners and branches to support the reach of the solutions.
                • Work closely for research aspects with Banks, MFIs and other sources of financing for implementing Livelihood solutions.
                • Requirements

                  • 5 years of professional experience in rural level Livelihood Projects research and documentation
                    • Interest and ability to engage with communities on ground
                      • Good communication and robust documentation skills
                        • Willing to spend time on the field and travel across the geographies of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Jharkhand and North East
                          • Able to multi-task and do cross cutting work with the Livelihoods team as well as the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learnings (MEL) and Policy team
                            • Expected remuneration for this position depends on the candidate.
                              • Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
                                • A person who is creative and willing to innovatively think out of the box, while at the same time grounded in the realities of the environment.
                                  • Sincere, diligent, hard worker with a go-getter attitude.
                                    • A keen interest in Livelihoods, Agriculture & quasi agriculture, with relevant interest.
                                      • Knowledge of local language is preferred.


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